Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a martial art or combat sort, somewhat similar to wrestling. The sport, developed in Brazil with influences from other martial arts. It is widely used as training by many of the world’s top wrestling and MMA (mixed martial arts) fighters.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is excellent training for all people of all ages. At Team Link, we welcome students as young as 3 up to middle-aged and senior students. It is a self-defense art focused on strength and strategy. With proper technique, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighters can combat assailants of much greater size and strength. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, like other self-defense and martial arts, builds confidence and discipline, as well as fitness.

Who’s behind Team Link Framingham?

Igor Batista - Team Link FraminghamThe owner of Team Link Framingham, Igor Batista, is a Brazil native. He’s been training in Brazilian jiu jitsu for 24 years, and has achieved purple, brown, and black belts. Team Link Framingham has been training students in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu since 2011, and is affiliated with the greater Team Link associated schools in Massachusetts.

All our Team Link students compete in multiple events every year. We go to upwards of 40 competitions, and we win. In recent events, almost all of our Team Link competitors have won 1st place, others won 2nd place. You can too.

Become a champion – train with the champions at Team Link.